A silhouetted group of rock climbers use teamwork to reach the top.
A silhouetted group of rock climbers use teamwork to reach the top.

Capitol Area R-TAC Team

R-TAC vision: What will success look like?

Community schools serve as vibrant community hubs of joy, belonging, innovation, self determination, and learning for all interest holders.
County, district, and site leaders foster coherent and collectively held visions for community schools through intentional leadership and strategic resource alignment.

R-TAC priorities: Capitol Area R-TAC will provide supports that...

Strengthen Capacity

Build the capacity of educators to implement impactful community schools

Develop Collaborative Leadership

Shift mindsets and strengthen transformational leadership

Build Awareness

Deepen understanding of what Community Schools are, their importance, and what they stand for

Differentiate Programming

Ensure that leaders get what they need and what is right for their context

Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) is a leader in the delivery of quality education to the students in Sacramento County. SCOE provides leadership, builds partnerships, and implements innovative programs and policies that ensure opportunity and access to empowering educational experiences for each and every learner.


The Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) works in partnership with the 16 local school districts and one community college district in Placer County to equip every child with a first-class education to succeed in a global economy, to appreciate the cultural, social and historical resources of their community, and to be active participants in civic responsibilities.


Capitol Area R-TAC Partners

CSLX works directly with districts, municipal agencies, community-based organizations, and the state-wide system of support to build and strengthen community school strategies.


Learning Heroes mission is to inform and equip parents to best support their children's educational and developmental success.


The Center for Whole-Child Education advances key insights from educator practice, scientific research, and student experience so that together we can create equitable learning environments.


The Glen Price Group design, facilitate, and document meetings and retreats, help form and support program and funder collaboratives, and coordinate ongoing learning communities.